Max - The Voice

I am Massimo, or Max, as some prefer to call me. I am from Milan, Italy, but have been curious about the world for as long as I can remember. As a young adult I started travelling around the world to fully immerse myself in different cultures and in the English language. I spent extensive time in the UK and the USA and it deepened my love for the English language even further.

Back in Italy, I saw that there was a demand for English language skills and for unique voices and I decided to combine my passion for languages, acting and speaking with offering a service to businesses and individuals. Today, I am a freelancing English language trainer and a voice-over artist, working in both Italian and English.

As an artist and actor, using my voice and language as my only tool, I have learned how important it is to not only choose my words carefully, but to constantly develop and fine-tune my voice. How you say something is just as important as what you say. When working with companies and organizations, communicating their messages and representing their brands in films, video, advertising and other media, my voice becomes a part of their stories and must evoke emotions, offer comfort or entertainment, inspire action, or deepen the knowledge among their customers and clients. When my work can help an organization to maximize their voice and to reach their clients in this way, it’s a great day in the office for me too!

Even when I am not in a recording studio, my vocal cords are always hard at work. I am an outgoing person who is always talking to friends and clients, instructing bikers and hikers on guided tours, chatting up strangers in the street, whistling at dogs or confessing my love to my cats.

Hopefully, I will also be speaking to you soon!

Max, The Voice